Impressions and thoughts from the Congress in Moscow

On September 6th-8th, in Moscow, Congress for Eurasian countries with theme of "Public Transport – driving force to the city economy" was held. During the crisis, this is a crucial topic, because the implementation and development of efficient transport systems, enables city to employ more people and creates the potential for further growth. This is evidenced by the history and current example of our neighbor Poland.

Unfortunately, good examples do not affect our government. Despite the billions of euros in economic loss as a result of the undeveloped transport system and public transport, in particular, the Lithuanian authorities and organizations responsible for transportation in the state or companies working in the field, did not participate in the conference, even though proposals to participate were sent out to the Ministry of Transport, Vilnius Municipality, the municipal enterprise „Vilniaus planas“ and other organizations invovled in exploring, planning and designing transportation systems. Congress was attended only by public institution „Vilniaus metro“ and UAB „Metroprojektas“ representatives. Explanation can be only one: "World Basketball Championship is more important than the transport situation in Vilnius city“.

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