Lithuanian Parliament approved Vilnius Metro concession bill

Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) delivered Vilnius Metro concession bill, which aims to implement a new type of transport in the country – metro and open the way for billions of long-term investment in transport infrastructure in Lithuania. 84 percent of the parliamentarians vote for the bill and sent it to the parliamentary committees for further consideration.

One of the organizers of the Law, member of the Seimas and Chairman of the Lithuanian Green party Linas Balsys pointed out in his speech that it is necessary to give much more attention to urban areas, particularly Vilnius , transport infrastructure development.

“Metro concession law to open up dramatically change urban transport. Metro lines would wake those sleepy residential areas up for active life, eliminate traffic jams and most important – attract long-term investments, which would remain in Lithuania permanently”,– said Mr. Balsys.

Being the leader of Lithuanian Green Party, Linas Balsys also pointed out that the metro would significantly improve the ecological situation in the capital of Lithuania, as the major air polluter in our country today remains a road transport, outperforming the industry and energy sectors. One of the main reasons for this situation – old car usage and excessive traffic during peak periods.

Metro systems are generally used by up to 50 percent of urban population, so this would not only reduce the urban air pollution, but also the noise pollution as well.

Global metro construction experience suggests that this mode of transport raises the prestige of the city and increases the value of a real estate within kilometer radius from metro stations about 1.5 times.

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