LONDON - For years they’ve been saying it will never happen. For years it’s been dismissed as little more than a pipe dream, a flight of fancy, a mere hypothesis, and yet maybe the dream is inching ever closer to becoming reality. And then again, maybe it’s not.

And that’s how it’s been for decades. I am of course talking about the Vilnius Metro, or rather the metro Vilnius does not have - the Vilnius Metro that is perhaps most conspicuous by its absence.

Population surveys show that most residents of Vilnius identify transportation in the city as one of the biggest problems. A number of years have been spent discussing how to solve this problem, what new means of public transportation should be introduced. World practice shows that most transport issues are resolved by cities that install metro system.

„Construction and architecture“ magazine begins series of articles about how cities of similar to Vilnius size were building a subway. First, the subway construction story of the German city of Nuremberg. In this city, just like in Vilnius, underground tram was originally proposed, but concept of metro prevailed, and after eleven years of discussion the construction began. In other articles we will present metropolitan construction stories of Helsinki, Oslo, Rennes, Stockholm, Brussels and other European cities, their impact on urban development and economy, their metro modernization and expansion plans.

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